The Value of Buying Waterfront Jupiter Inlet Colony Real Estate

Posted by Kevin Mecabe on Monday, February 15th, 2016 at 5:59pm.

Jupiter Inlet Colony offers a wide range of homes. Some of these homes are tucked into residential neighborhoods or developments. A few other options exist. However, many people who purchase a home in this community do so because they want to be right on the beach. Having access to Florida's waterways is a key reason to move here. When buying real estate on the water in Jupiter Inlet Colony, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Ocean Drive Is the Heart of It All

Like many areas of coastline, the main street moving along the coast is named Ocean Drive. The same is true in Jupiter Inlet Colony. This drive has some of the highest valued homes in the region. Yes, you will pay more to be on the waterfront in this exclusive area, but that is exactly why you decided to look into this community. The benefits of numerous including water access, private beaches, ample privacy, and excellent ease of getting around.

Size Matters

Some of the older homes in this area are smaller. Most of the homes here, though, are more recently developed and are larger as a result. It is typical to find three bedroom, two bathroom homes in this area. Some properties are larger, up to six or more bedrooms and just as many baths. These homes are some of the most sought after for rental benefits or by those who want the highest level of space possible. You will pay significantly more for a larger home in this community.

Do take the time to look a bit further into the community, though. You will find a wide range of home styles, various types of architecture, and numerous sizes to select from throughout the neighborhoods. Best o fall, home prices within the community are significantly less and provide you with more amenities. No matter where you look or what you wish to buy, chances are good you'll find just the right home here.

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