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Ryan Poole

Prior to Florida Coastal living Ryan was a partner at RSI Asset Management. RSI Asset Management is real estate firm located in Palm Beach county Florida that focuses on working with large hedge funds to help facilitate and service their non-performing loans and REO’s throughout Florida. In that capacity, Ryan has valued, serviced, and sold over $200 million in assets since 2009.
Prior to 2009 Ryan worked with major developers in south Florida managing and selling onsite for projects ranging from timeshares to multi-million dollar homes. Ryan has extensive experience in all facets of real estate and is well versed in a wide range of the real estate industry.
Ryan’s past clients include Kondaur Capital, Blackstone, Waterfall AM, Wexford Capital, Tiptree Financial, Bayview Financial, Ark Loans solutions, and many other funds. He has also worked for Radisson Hotels (Carlton Group), Hyatt Hotels (Pritzker Family), and real estate developers selling new construction throughout South Florida.
Originally from northern Minnesota, Ryan moved to Florida in 1998, and has been active and licensed in Florida since 1999.

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Office Phone 561-420-8686
Cellphone 1561-779-0458

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